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Experience a spooky Halloween festival space with exciting music party, overnight campfire appearing in Vietnam for the first time

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For the first time, a picnic music festival has organized for Vietnamese young people. A spooky space, best EDM sets with fantastic light (designed by Korean expert) will give you a unique experience

Just go to “ Highway To The Hell”… You will have an unforgettable experience.. Only 2 days 1 night on 28,29th Oct in this Halloween festival at Tantraland Dong Mo!!

Come on, Let’s Crazy!!!




It will be such an unforgettable experience with Hell gate, spooky space, Carnival show and overnight camping


All of camping site is exclusively used by Tantraland for Highway to the hell. 100% of tents are going to set up carefully and safely with a romantic view to a lake, which is a good place to enjoy and have much beautiful memories


With slogan " Tell your nightmare", Vietnam's best DJ- HOANGANH, OXY-top 3 Asia’s Hottest Female DJ and King of Rap - ĐEN VAU, Da LAB Band alsolutely make the most fantastic music party.


Register in the below application to receive the answer before having ticket in hand:” Highway to the hell”